Monday, July 9, 2007

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Tape Data Recovery
Recover Lost Data from Tape :: Restore Tape Drive Backup Systems

Ontrack uses advanced data recovery tools and techniques to repair and recover inaccessible data from tape media, all backup applications and media types.
We offer the following solution for tape data recovery and tape media recoveries:
In-Lab Data RecoveryFor situations in which the hardware is physically failing, our In-Lab services utilize cleanroom technology to retrieve and recover your mission critical data from tape.
We've successfully recovered data from all types of tape including:
QIC/ 1/4”
Exabyte 8mm 8200/8500/8700, Mammoth, and M2 tape series
StorageTek 9840, 9940 series
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Data Recovery Services
Free Data Recovery Consulting :: 24/7/365 Global Service :: Data Recovery Specialists

Focusing on quality service for our customers, Ontrack Data Recovery offers free consulting, and 24/7/365 global service with highly knowledgeable data recovery specialists and technical staff providing top-notch support before, during and after the recovery process. Ontrack’s unique and long-term relationships with all major drive manufacturers enable our R&D teams to maintain a leading edge on computer storage technology and create new tools to perform recoveries on new devices and anticipate our customers’ needs.
Ontrack Data Recovery services range in price and complexity, depending on your data loss situation. Ontrack is the ONLY company offering true remote recovery capabilities – the fastest, most cost-effective data recovery solution available. In addition to the different recovery services, we offer a variety of service levels ranging from standard to emergency, depending on how quickly you need your data back.
data recovery services
Remote Data Recovery™ Service
In-Lab Recovery Service
On-Site Service
For solutions in which your hardware is functioning normally, our Remote Data Recovery service is the quickest, most convenient and cost effective solution. This service performs lab quality recovery right on your desktop or laptop in as little as one hour.
For situations in which the hardware is physically failing or damaged, our In-Lab services will utilize our cleanrooms to retrieve your mission critical data. This service is the most effective solution for very complex and extreme situations.
For the most critical of situations, Ontrack Data Recovery offers On-Site service, providing you with on-site access to a team of data recovery engineers. Teams are standing by for deployment worldwide to solve your mission critical data loss.

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Tapes are primarily used for data backup, hence they data stored is very critical. If tapes fail, it is better to consult data recovery experts. Many times retrieval is made more difficult by the users trying to recover data themselves and inadvertently making the situation worse. Well, I had an experience of recovering my lost data from RAID 5 array. I left the array as it is and contacted RAID Recovery Services. For complex data recoveries always trust the experts.

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